Acupuncture Point detectors

Point detectors

Point detectors may be electronic which pick up the changes in electrical potential of the skin and sounds a little audible alarm which indicates an acupuncture point.
Point detectors may also be a spring loaded probe and the patient is asked as to which point seems slightly tenderer.
Both these styles are used in detecting points on the ear where there may be over 200 points which relate to various parts of the body. Ear acupuncture is used a lot in drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation but also in pain management and numerous other conditions. Points may be needled but also magnets or a seed may be applied for a certain amount of time.

For those who do not like needles or who are young other techniques may be used instead of needling to stimulate points. These may be using an Acustim, Magpulser, magnets or the practitioner via acupressure. An Acustim is a small electronic device which puts a tiny current into the point. The Magpulser creates a magnetic field over the point which can stimulate the point. The magnet also works in a similar way to the Magpulser but is applied direct to the skin with a plaster and may be kept on for a while. Acupressure uses stimulation of the points by pressure using the practitioner's hands.


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